Big Brands Use Simple Social Media Strategy To Manage Online Reputations

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Great Content Marketing needs Great Social Media Follow-Through

In order to develop meaningful conversations, marketers spent a lot of money in marketing their web presence, visual and audio impact and designing high content writing. Well, we must acknowledge that these form critical steps in online marketing are essential.But there is still more work to be done in order for a marketer to say he/she has actually exhausted all the marketing opportunities. In fact, the mere marketing on content forms the initial steps towards being an effective online marketing guru. To achieve that, a marketer needs to follow up marketing their content online with a very effective social media follow-through.

This can be backed up by, Ted Murphy, the Founder and CEO of IZEA, who said, “Content writing is the fire, but Social Media is the Gasoline.”

Turning your Customer into a Loyal-Customer

There is this philosophy that became quite popular back in 2013. “The One Most Important Thing in Today’s World of Business is Relationships.” The same philosophy still proves to be quite useful even in the year 2015. Any company that values its customers enough and endeavors to establish a helpful and useful relationship with them will always gain loyalty from the customers. Just like when bonding with family and friends, those that put in effort to establish a relationship with you, often end up to be the ones you will keep in your circle the longest. Developing-healthy relationships with customers often prove to pay enormous dividends to companies, in the long run.

Facebook Marketing

How does a Company establish Relationship Bonds with Customers?

There are many ways of establishing a relationship with your customers, and sometimes simple ideas are the ones that pay-off. As can be illustrated by a story from Delta Airlines below:

A Delta Airline customer was standing in line waiting to board the plane when a group of stewardess cut in from of him in line in a coarse manner. The customer got so irritated that he got into a verbal altercation with the group of stewardess. He said, “excuse me” would be nice, and one of the stewardess replied, “Open Your Ears!”

The customer got so infuriated that he tweeted about the incident to his friends on Twitter, hoping that at least one of them could calm his nerves down before boarding the plane. Much to his surprise, a Delta Airlines employee using @DeltaAssist read his Tweet and quickly apologized for the inappropriate behavior by the group of stewardess. The employee went further to wish him a safe flight.

The wronged customer was taken by the heartfelt apology and show of concern by the Delta Airlines employee that he immediately relaxed and proceeded to board the plane with ease. The customer will not forget the heartfelt apology at the time he needed it the most. If the situation were left unchecked by Delta Air, the customer could have felt very frustrated and made sure more people knew it. That would have only worked out badly for Delta Airlines had @DeltaAssit not diffused the matter amicably.

Jerry Fletcher got the award for the Best Use of Twitter (@DeltaAssist). By then he was in charge of a team of4 members that has now grown to become 14 members. Fletcher attributes the success of @DeltaAssist program to “Human Beings just connecting with Human Beings”. The airline asked this team to assist with any issue regarding the air carrier, and @DeltaAssist can assist customers with virtually anything apart from issuing new tickets.

Evidently the saying, “If you sell something you got a customer, if you help someone, you’ve created a loyal customer for life!”is the biblical truth. From the Delta Air experience mentioned above, we can conclude that Social Media Marketing is the best marketing platform. If first used to provide held, and secondly for promoting your company. Best Buys’ electronics repair division is the perfect example for this.

There is this electronics fixing company that goes by the name of ‘The Geek Squad’. The company also uploads “How-To” videos on YouTube showing viewers how to fix electronics. Now ask yourself, ‘Why would a business that repairs electronics show people how to repair electronics? Won’t that be shooting oneself in the foot?

When asked the same question the company responded: “Our best customers are people who think they can do it all themselves. Next time they get in over their heads, who will they call? Someone in yellow pages, or the guys they’ve been watching on YouTube?”

I think that is a question well answered. To further illustrate just how beneficial Social Media reputation can be, let look at the story of the Hilton Hotel. The hotel has a people monitoring division @HiltonSuggests, whose instructions are relativelystraightforward: “pay attention, if you can find a way to help out, just help”.

There was a potential customer @LTHouston who tweeted, “Find a place to eat, not crowded near Magnolia in Dallas?” Then @HiltonSuggests replied, “Wild Salsa on Main or Campese in walking distance from your hotel, Enjoy!”

Please note, that the Magnolia Hotel was not part of the Hilton Hotel. But the next time this person is looking for a hotel, chances are high, that he thinks of the great customer services Hilton Hotel and would want to go there.

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