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Evolution DMA would recommend the following print collateral for your organization.

It is true that technology has scaled back and even replaced the need for having printed materials. These days, a company’s website, social media accounts, online ads campaigns, emails have drastically reduced the need for printed materials. However, the older generation has not quite yet gotten usedto these digital materials. They still prefer printed version of the information being marketed to them.

It is also simply just a good idea to have with you printed version of your marketing tools. You never know when technology might let you down. You might hate carrying around papers but, your electronic devices might run out of power when you’re in the moddle of a presentation, you may lack Internet connection in certain places. For these and other reasons, it is always important that as a marketer, you arm yourself will the entire arsenal for putting the word out there. You might run into the conservative types of clients to whom digital items like website, eBooks, and social media and among other digital media are strange to them.

Thus, Evolution DMA would recommend the following print collateral for your organization. They will save the situation where digital marketing fails or cannot be used. They include:

Business Card: This might be the easiest print collateral to carry around with you. A business card at the very least should have the Company’s name, physical address, website address, and the representative’s name, email and phone number. When interacting with potential customers, it is always a good idea to leave them with your business card. It is one of the cheapest ways to create brand awareness.

In-House brochure: As a company you need to give your customers and targeted customers a hardcopy brochure detailing the ‘Benefits’ your businesshas to offer. As far as the designing of the brochure goes, a flat piece of paper made with rounded corners would be enough.In terms of content, it needs to have the Company’s name, website, address, and contacts. You should not include the prices of your goods or services, thismight fast and frequently that the brochure printed just hours ago may already be outdated. Let your clients get the prices at your company’s website, as it is easier to constantly update a site.

Leave Behind Brochure: Above we talked about the in-house brochure, but there are also the out of house brochures. Except it has to have more catchy images explaining what your company does, compared to the in-house Then we have the leave behind brochure, which like the in-house brochure needs to be catchy andhave a lot of reference to your company’s website. It should also include the salesperson’s name, and contact information.

 Direct Mail Postcards: Before you start calculating how much costly sending postcards is going to be, compared to sending emails. Stop and think of this research; postcards have been found to give 7% increase in sales compared to ordinary mail and other handouts materials. This means, for every 100 postcards sent out, you get seven new customers.

Letterhead: For maximum brand development, any and all letters sent out from your company should bear the company’s logo, name, address, website and contacts information.

Point Of Purchase “POP” Signs: In retail stores, sometimes Point of Purchase positions are moved often depending on the lines at the store with fast moving goods on the shelves. But expert’s advice such retails stores to have 3-5 different displays.


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