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We go to great lengths to ensure you get market exposure with our media citation services

If you want to get media citation authority and stand out above the competition. Evolution DMA can help you with that by distributing well-articulated press releases to big news network and search engine submissions.

We go to great lengths to ensure you get market exposure with our media citation services. We also have experienced writers who can write a professional press release that will be accepted by any news agency. Before drafting up any press release, we first begin by asking ourselves, is there news worthy material in the developing content?” and “do we need to issue out a press release for the story?” Unlike the approach used by most organizations who feel obliged to issue out a press release, that they send out the press release for the sake of it. Regardless of whether or not they have a newsworthy development. That is why such organizations get turned down by Editors at the various news agencies. After identifying the human impact angle to your press release, you can then proceed to write the press release following some set rules.

These rules make it easier for editors to understand and thus, use your material. A good press release should observe the following rules.

Who? The press release must identify the key players; your company and anyone else affected in the development being featured.

What?What is this new development that pushed you to write a press release.

Why? You need to establish why the news is important and why should people read it.

Where?Where did the development happen, in terms of location regarding your business.

When? When did the event occur.

How? How did the development come about.

A good press release should capture the essence of the news within the first 50 words or fewer like newspapers do. Ideally, the first paragraph should have not more than two sentences. Each sentence should have 25 words or less. Once you’ve written the first paragraph, it should be possible to establish the essence of the press release. The rest of the paragraphs should then be used to expound on the essence and bring in more clarity.

However, we understand that you have a business to run, and spending so much time in coming up with a professional press release is something you cannot afford to do. That time, you could spend it better running other elements of your business. Here is where Evolution DMA comes to the rescue. Our work is to know how to write an effective press release, so make it a point to talk to our representatives and let us write up the most effective, professionally written press release for your business.


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