Outsourcing Work To Freelancers From Online Workplaces? Pro Tips On Avoiding Disappointments

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For most companies, especially start-up companies working on a tight budget. Hiring full-time employees can be quite expensive. It is becoming a growing trend for many companies to outsource work to freelancers also referred to as an independent contractor. There are many advantages to hiring a freelancer including; you do not have to pay them work benefits, won’t have to worry about their office space, no need to worry about withholding taxes, and no need to pay the employer’s contribution towards their Medicare and Social Security taxes.

There are numerous online workplaces where you can find and hire freelancers. Websites like www.upwork.com and www.freelancer.com among others have freelancers by their hundreds of thousands. So you would naturally assume that finding a suitable freelancer with the particular type of skills you are looking for would be easy. Well, this is often not the case! Sure, they are many freelancers that cover the whole spectrum from the beginners to the very experienced, to the semi-skilled to the outright professionally trained contractors.

Evolution Digital Marketing agency is a well-established digital marketing agency providing services like web design, web development, mobile website, mobile apps, website content management, SEO experts, and reputation management among other. In our ten years of operation, at one point or the other, we had to outsource some of our work to these online workplaces such as oDesk (now Upwork). Over the time, we have had our fair share of pains and disappointments from freelancers. We had to learn painstakingly how to identify the handful of right contractors from the hundreds of thousands of contractors out there.

The following are just some of the pains Evolution DMA and other businesses looking to outsource experience from online workplaces like Upwork:

Lack of Control

Purely from the definition of a freelancer, this is someone whose work you do not get to control. You may hire a freelancer to do a given job, like developing a website or write a brochure for your business. You can give them a deadline on when to complete the work and a guideline on how you want the work done. However, to a large extent, how to perform the task or when to do the job remains at their discretion as freelancers. This might conflict with your expectations given there are certain types of work you may want to have more control over how it is done.


Most freelancers look for freelancing jobs because they like their independence and don’t like answering to someone else or a source of money on the side. If it is your first time to hire an independent contractor, you may not always be sure if he will meet the deadlines or do the work in accordance with the guidelines. They might start the job, and somewhere in between the course of the work they disappear from the online workplace platform. You might argue that if he doesn’t deliver the work when needed or do it in accordance with the guidelines given you will not pay them and find another contractor. Sure, that is a valid argument, but you might end up missing a deadline of your own. For you it is business after all, and in business time is money.


You might find a contractor whom you have worked with for an extended period. You are probably satisfied with his or her work, and you already have made it part of your plan to outsource your future work to the same contractor in the future. However, like the name suggests they are independent contractors and could easily change camp if they find another work from another client; especially if the new client is better paying. Even worse, they might take up your job contract and at the same time agree to take up another contract from another client who is your competitor in business. Even if the work does not involve your company’s secrets, you will be uncomfortable by the thought the work purchased is not exclusively unique to you.


We mentioned earlier that online workplaces like Upwork have hundreds of thousands of freelancers. So it should be very easy to get a contractor to do the work you have in hand. However, the reality is, finding a contractor with the right set of skills, who will give you the work quality you need and at the price you can afford is not easy.

How Evolution DMA Makes Finding The Right Freelancer Easier

At Evolution DMA, we have learnt the secrets to selecting the top tire freelancers. Selecting freelancers based on their individual previous client’s ratings and reviews, our own experience from working with them, the quality and promptness of the work and turn over. Thus, we have formed a conglomerate of independent contractors into the Evolution DMA freelancers on Upwork.

We have then gone a step further to save fellow clients looking for freelancers. By pointing you in the right direction to freelancers that have demonstrated not to give the above pains associated with outsourcing work. These freelancers operate under now operate under one umbrella group, Evolution DMA on Upwork.

About Evolution DMA Upwork Freelancers

Our team of freelancers is made up of contractors that have demonstrated professionalism, timeliness, integrity and commitment to their work. So you do not have to worry about our freelancers walking out in the middle of a contract. Our freelancers are also the top rated freelancers in the market niche they serve. So outsource your work to Evolution DMA team of freelancers on Upwork today and avoid the pains of outsourcing fresh untested freelancers on your own.

To check out our team of freelancer and to outsource your work through our team of freelancers on Upwork, click here.

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