Why You Should Not Buy Fake Fans For Your Social Media Profiles

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If you are doing all the right things a savvy social media manager ought to be doing, but still the number of fans and followers on your profile remains small. It can be quite discouraging, and you might even start thinking of dropping the whole social media marketing thing altogether. This despair can become worse when you see your competitors keep growing their social media fan base in extraordinary leaps every week. While yours remains stagnant, or worse, the number of fans is going down.

In the race to capture as many consumers over the social media as possible. Most companies make the mistake of thinking the more fans they have on their profile; the more effective social media campaigns will be. But to grow your social media fan base takes some time and requires investments in the right social media resources and publishing quality content.

Why You Should Not Buy Fake Fans For Your Social Media Profiles

But for a lot of companies, time and resources are just one of the many things they might not have. So they turn to the online marketplace where you can buy fake fans to inflate your social media accounts’ fan base. Most of this online marketplace are from Asian countries where fake users open numerous different accounts and sell their services to another organization albeit a bit more organized. You then purchase those fans from the said organization at a relatively cheaper price depending on the terms and condition. Some even come with a warranty.

This is what makes some companies social media accounts have such a massive fanbase despite being relatively new in the market, not publishing that much great content or not having effective social media campaigns strategies in place. Such organization, if they are not careful they only would be fooling themselves. Fake fans distort your social media campaigns data and if the social media engagement data is not carefully sifted, then you are likely to end up with the skewed report.

The following are just the three ways in which fake fans can ruin your social media campaigns:

Fake Fans dilutes Real Fans experience:

When your social media fan base has a lot of hyperactive fake fans, while the real fans are going to feel overwhelmed and not so important on your social media account. This is with regards to your engagement with your followers on the platform; you might find yourself engaging with paid fans and overlooking the real fans. Fake fans given they are in it for the money are likely to shower you with praises, and they probably don’t read your content or use your products. The real fans who use your products and know your content may have some constructive criticisms that you need to address. But the fake fans are likely to be overwhelming with their praises and positivity that the real fans feel disengaged and eventually leave your platform.

Diluted Marketing Data:

A savvy social media manager relies on the marketing data generated by social media. Using this data, you will know which content perform best, which don’t. You will also know what time to post, which types of different contents. The problem with having a lot of fake fans is that the data generated from the social media accounts is not genuine. A fake fan may engage with your post whether or not it deserves a high engagement or low engagement. Thus, you will not be able to rely on the data to direct your social media strategies.

Fake Fans may damage your Brand Reputation:

When it comes to social media, there are certain standard Personalities such as President Barack Obama, Shakira, and Beyoncé are typically expected to have tens of thousands of fans on social media. But for a business commanding such numbers of fans on social media will raise some eyebrows. Why would you have more followers on social media that apparently looks more than your actual market share in the industry? As a brand manager, you do not want people saying that this is the brand with fake followers; fakeness is not a word you want associated with your brand. You will now be doing a poor job as online reputation management is concerned.

Why You Should Not Buy Fake Fans For Your Social Media ProfilesAt Evolution DMA, we have honed our various social media marketing tools (social media contests, brand monitoring, and quality content among others) that will help you get real fans on your platform fast.

Don’t mislead yourself or be misled to think consumers will not see your profile has been populated with fake fans. These days’ consumers are internet and social media savvy, and there are plenty of tools online someone could use to find out how many of your fans are real.

Just like Photoshop, we know that thing is not real. So come on, make it stop by enlisting the services of a professional to get you more real fans that actually buys your product or read your content. Reach us today by calling + (855) 444 2777 or email [email protected] or visit us at 4249 E State St. STE 302 Rockford, IL 61107.

Visit us for a warm talk and a cup of great espresso!

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