Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Tops Google’s Search Results

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Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top ResultsIf you tell webmasters or web-developers that Google is updating how its algorithm works, you will certainly send chills down their spine. Their reaction is warranted, given even a minor tweak in how Google’s algorithm work could mean their site move three or four positions down from the search engine results page (SERP).

It may seem like a minor drop to some, but site owners know that dropping down the top 3 positions in SERP could have a catastrophic impact on traffic to their website. It could be as much as 90% reduction in site’s visits, and this means the site owner will lose a lot of revenues.

Barely four months ago, Google made an announcement that starting April 21st, 2015. It will update how its algorithm works, in a move that will see mobile-friendly website be given preferential treatment in SERP rankings. This announcement was so critical that it made the entire cyber world sit up and listen to Google as they figure out how to align themselves with regards to these changes.

Ever since, there have been many speculations as to what impact the update will have on the cyber world. The resulting frenzy led to some site owners optimizing their website for viewing on mobile devices. Others played it cool and acted like the so-called “Mobilegeddon is nothing but hot air, that will soon die down.

Well, almost four months down the road and Evolution DMA can categorically say that the mobilegeddon is indeed ranking down non-mobile-friendly sites in favor of mobile-friendly sites in SERP rankings.

According to research done by MoovWeb, ever since the start of mobilegeddon, when people search for information on Google, 83% of the time the search engine tags a mobile-friendly site. 81% of the time the sites that make it to top 3 on SERP ranking are mobile friendly, and 77% of the sites on SERP’s first page are mobile-friendly.

As a webmaster, the above stats should clearly show you that to compete for higher SEO ranking for the top keywords, having a mobile-friendly website in now a must. MoovWeb went further to investigate just how much preferential treatment Google gives mobile-friendly sites. They selected 1,000 keywords popularly used across several industries by customers searching for information on insurance, education, travel and hospitality, transportation, healthcare, travel, and retail.

MoovWeb then tracked the sites appearing in the first ten position in SERP for these keywords. They also took a keen interest in whether or not each of the sites on the first SERP were mobile-friendly sites or not. The following is what they discovered:Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top Results

In a nut-shed here is what they discovered: on average mobile-friendly sites occupy 83% of the SERP on the top keywords. On the other hand, lower keyword position recorded a lower percentage of mobile-friendly sites. Take, for instance, a keyword positioned at number 5 returned 5% fewer mobile-friendly sites than a keyword position at number 1. Keyword positioned at number 10 returned SERP with 18% less mobile-friendly sites.Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top Results

Looking at SERP’s top ten positions, mobile-friendly sites occupied 77% of the page. MoovWeb says these stats appear to be stable over time. In the six weeks, they monitored this data, mobile-friendly sites numbers on the first page hovered on the average of between 7.7 out of 10 results.Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top Results

For the top 3 keyword positions under the 6-week study remained largely (81%) a mobile-friendly site zone.Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top Results

Google mobile-friendliness preference varies by industry

The research done by MoovWeb also identified that mobile friendliness by Google was not consistent across the industry. MoovWeb reached this conclusion after separating the keywords used in the research into respective industries. They discovered that the keywords in some industries gave a higher percentage of mobile-friendly sites on SERP than other keywords. The cited that the keywords relating to Retails had a 17% greater number of mobile-friendly sites on SERP than mobile-friendly sites returned on the keywords relating to Education.Mobilegeddon Confirmed: Mobile-Friendly Sites Pushing Out Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites From Google’s Top Results

When you compare mobile-friendliness across the various industries, you will not mobile maturity if more pronounced in others industries than others. This is also in line with the SEO norm that in certain industries, keywords competition is more competitive than others.

While it is true mobilegeddon brought in a significant shift in the cyber world, but Google had given an almost two-month prior warning, together with the tools to help site owners comply. Most top-ranking sites complied with the Google directive in good time and have experience little or no changes in their keywords ranking position.

However according to the research done by MoovWeb, it is now more evident that mobile-friendly websites are given preferential treatment when it comes to keywords rankings. Soon having a high SEO ranking will not be enough to get your site to the top of search engine results page where the real traffic exists.

At Evolution DMA, we have an experience professional team web-developers and webmasters who can turn your website into both a desktop and mobile-friendly site. Making it to the top of Google’s search results now no longer just depend on high keywords rankings, mobile-friendliness has now become a major determinant on top of it. Don’t be locked out of high search traffic, and lose out revenue making opportunity.

Contact us today for a free mobile-friendliness analysis by filling out the form below and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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