Are You Mobile Friendly? Google Changes Search Algorithm Again!

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On April 21st, 2015, Google is going to take a paradigm shift in the way users find websites online using mobile search results. The search engine giant will start giving preferential treatment to websites that have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It is also going to be a lot harder for desktop websites that have not optimized their content for viewing on mobile devices to enjoy higher rankings in search results pages.

Starting Tomorrow Google Will Give Preferential Treatment To Mobile Optimized Website On Mobile Search Results

Stats show that up to 60% of all online traffic comes from browsers browsing the internet on their (smartphones and tablets) mobile devices. For this reason, Google wants to deliver to browsers mostly websites that have been optimized for viewing on their mobile devices. Using a new set of mobile search algorithm, Google will give mobile optimized websites preferential treatment and higher search rankings while pushing back desktop sites that have not optimized for mobile devices viewership.

Previously, Google’s search results were ranked based on a website’s popularity and organic rankings. It paid no attention as to whether a site has been optimized for mobile or not. This way, browsers could end up viewing desktop websites even while on their smartphones or tablets. From April 21, this is no longer going to be the case; desktop websites rankings are going to take a nose-dive while mobile optimized websites rankings are going to skyrocket. Please note that we are talking about mobile search ranking and not desktop search ranking. The former being search results returned from search done on a mobile device, and the latter is ranking on web search done on traditional desktop PCs.

Your desktop search rankings will remain intact, but given that these days up to 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. It is in your best interest to get your ‘mobile-house’ in order sooner rather than later. Mobile devices usage are only going to become more popular while use of desktop PCs and laptops will reduce as we go into the future. I can bet you, your competition has already expected that and have joined the mobile bandwagon. They are now rooting for this changes by Google to eat up into your higher rankings and popularity on Google search results to give you a run for your money and market share.

How To Avoid Losing Traffic To Your Website Due To These Changes

Well, you need not worry about these new Google changes.

At Evolution DMA, we have a team of SEO experts who have a lot of experience in optimizing a website for mobile devices and getting them mobile ready.

So in the right hands such as in Evolution DMA, these changes should present an avenue to scale up on your competition and gain more traffic to your website as your rivals try to get their act together.


Call us today and have our SEO experts and mobile website designers do an analysis of your website to have it in compliance with the new Google mobile search algorithm changes. You can also optimize your website for mobile on your own using Evolution DMA’s new software services at

These changes to a large extent do not negatively affect the end-users. If anything they are going to enjoy better browsing on their mobile devices, but they might not find their usual and favorite websites on a mobile search. If such sites have been adamant to optimize their website for mobile. But it is inevitable that with time, all website will optimize for mobile view.

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