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The first step in creating a great brand is to come up with a unique name that speaks volume about your products. Next you need to wrap up some good graphic image around your name that will imprint itself on your targeted customers’ minds. Here is where a great logo design comes to the rescue.

Fundamentals Of Creating A Great Logo Design

At Evolution DMA, we understand the fundamentals of creating a great logo design. Your company’s logo is often the first impression people get from your business, and will be the focus of attention most of the time.When designing your logo, it must have a strong and balanced look; don’t put those fancy elements most artists like to add. You should never have gradients in your logo design because it is difficult for most printers to print out gradients. It is also important that you pick a particular style and color scheme and keep it consistent in your designs and graphics. The same consistency should also be followed when doing the logo design. The final design should be a product that is readily identifiable at the first glance.


Evolution DMA also understands the need for the graphic to balance with the company’s name (Words). If there is a Word mark, it should be easily legible based on the font and style used in designing. We also run a litmus test on a good logo design by printing it in B&W, if the printout looks great and not grayish, then the logo design is satisfactory. Then you use coloring to assist you in adding the colors. A good logo needs at least two colors.


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Finally, when you are complete with designing the logo, you need to ask professional people with a branding background what they think about your logo design. It is important not to ask just anyone this question, as most people relate what they feel with previous experiences and may not give you the best judgment on your work.

A good logo should also come with a distinctive tagline. This is a distinctive three or four words phrase accompanying a logo and summarizes what your company is all about. Taglines make it easier for customers to remember what your business is all about. A great tagline is one that effortlessly flows making it stick in people’s memory easily.


  2. Value Entrepreneur

  3.  1 Designer

  4.  3 Concepts

  5.  3-5 Day Turnaround

  6. 149 Turnaround depends on project


  2. Value Small Business

  3.  2 Designers

  4.  5-7 Concepts

  5.  1-3 Day Turnaround

  6. 279 Turnaround depends on project


  2. Value Corporate

  3.  5 Designers

  4.  10 or More

  5.  5-7 Day Turnaround

  6. CALL Turnaround depends on project


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