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Local Result Optimization

This strategy attaches a geographical location to your business, and proves to be very crucial for brick-and-mortar types of businesses that want to be very pronounced in a given city or region. For instance, a piano repair shop in Manhattan must ensure customers in the Manhattan area can find it first and fast when they are Goggling “piano repair Manhattan”.

Local Citation

This approach best suits businesses with a global target market. Businesses such as e-commerce businesses selling services or brick and mortar businesses with branches all over the world.This works best for companies selling products and services needed across the world.

Google Map Optimization

If you are selling products from your website, you need to publish your product titles and descriptions well in order for search engine to pick them up. Evolutiondma will advise you to take this approach if: You are a online product selling oriented business. You want to make your brand popular in your targeted market.

It has been proven that more than 50% of businesses have errors on their local business listings. Research also found out that 16% of potential clients are more likely to go to your competitors if they find your business listing information to be inaccurate. Evolution Digital Marketing Agency will manage your local listings and directories to maximize traffic flow to your website in search engine local search.

 Local SEO

Evolutiondma Knows How To Make Your Website Rank High in Google local search

More than 83% of websites brought in local search results have done an excellent job in terms of local business listings on Google Maps and a directory known as Google+ Local. The numbers of variables involved when looking at local search are many, and they are entirely different from the variables involved in the conventional website SEO.


As an e-commerce website, it iscrucial that you know these variables and know how to use them to your advantage. Here is where Evolutiondma.com comes to your rescue; we understand these variables and have experience in making our clients’ websites stand out from the rest.


Our customers typically start seeing improvements in their website rankings in local search in about 60 to 90 days after we have begun working to optimize their sites for local search. We will optimize your site on all of the major local internet directories and ensure you are correctly listed.


For many organizations, the regular task of updating all the numerous directories, sites, apps and services can be overwhelming. Especially when they do not have a dedicated IT staff or a marketing department to handle such matters. Most businesses owners and managers are already too stretched with the day to day affairs of running the organization. That is why you need a professional agency like EvolutionDMA to handle this on your behalf.


We have our customer care ready to pick up your call, and we will start working on your local listings and ensure you appear conspicuously on the radar for local search in your area. Call us now.


Increase in Organic traffic


Bounce Rate Down


Average Visit Duration Increase


Pages per Session Up

LOcal Optimization

Important SEO element is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best future strategy for all your link building activities and you’ll increase your search engine traffic and get profitability.

Progress reports

We provide a detailed results of your website SEO performance evaluation, as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords and a full break down of search engine activity.

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