How To Increase Website Search Engine Ranking

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How exactly Google’s search engine gets to determine which sites are higher than others on the search engine result page, is a carefully guarded secret. However, there are some tried and proven tips on how to increase search engine ranking of your website.

These tips are broadly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If executed in the right way, they will certainly take your website steps higher in the rankings. However, you should know there are tons of SEO tips being given out there, but only a handful will give you the results desired.

10 Tips on how to increase Search Engine Ranking of your Website:

Keyword Phrases

The definition of a keyword phrase in this context; it is a combination of words the average person is likely to type into a search engine’ search box when looking for certain information online. You need to have such keywords on your website, but taking caution not to go overboard by stuffing them into your content. If you do that, your website is going to look spammy and lowly ranked.

You should also write your content using the natural words the average person is likely to use when searching for the page. As far as your topics go, never use obscure words, and if you must, always define them. Otherwise, only use the natural language.

The best approach to finding which types of keywords you should use is trying to find your website on search engine. Think of the likely word combinations someone is likely to type into Google search box while searching for information online. Think of keywords for every page on your website. It is probably a good idea to get a fresh perspective. You should ask someone to read your pages and suggest the likely keyword phrase they might use while searching for the pages. Alternatively, you can check Google Trends to see the phrases that are trending.

It is also a good idea to stick to one topic per page, and also stick to one keyword phrase per page. This, however, does not mean you write stilted text or use some odd phrases. Also, don’t shy away from writing long and detailed content like in Wikipedia.

Keyword Density

When cataloging pages, Google mainly looks at the density of the keywords used. This refers to the number of times the keyword occurs in the content of the site. The more the density of the keywords the more visible the web page is to Google. However, you should avoid using the same words over and over again in an attempt to make your keyword density ridiculously high. This act will do you more harm than good, and you are highly discouraged from this practice. You should also not try to make the overused keywords invisible as it could lead to the banning of your website.

You should give your content a strong opening paragraph that provides a clear overview of what the page is all about. This practice makes it easier for the reader to grasp the content of the page fast, in addition to making it quicker for search engine to index the page faster.

Name all your Pages

Ensure all your web pages have a descriptive name as defined in the <title></title> tag attributes. This is crucial. Google displays search results as links using the Web page’s title. If your page’s links on Google’s displays as ‘untitled’ that will not be attractive and chance are high, no one will click the link. Using the page’s keyword phrase at the title will be even better.


Another important factor in determining your website ranking is the numbers of hyperlinks to and from the site. Google will look at the words used in the links to determine the page’s content. The best way to leverage on links is to use them to emphasize on your keywords. Take, for instance:

Your links should read something like this; For more information go to Evolution Digital Marketing website.

Instead of reading something like this; For more information about Evolution Digital Marketing, click here.

You should also not get carried away with links; a page full of links is viewed as spam by search engines.

Inbound links from other websites are used by search engines to determine your PageRank. To drastically improve your PageRank, you can exchange text links to other sites that are relevant to your field of work. Please note that websites that want to charge you for banner exchanges will not only hurt your ranking, but also they are viewed as spammers and are completely not effective.

Make your Images Search Friendly

Ensure that you give the images on your site the <alt> attributes. They not only help your visually impaired visitors but also it will give you a chance to insert keywords where Google bots do search. However, you need to be careful not to stuff keywords that do not belong in certain places.

Social Networking

There is yet any official study on the correlation between social media presence and your search engine rankings. However, one thing is for sure! Social media is a great platform for driving more traffic to your website. That being said, you must ensure that contents are social-friendly, accompanied with captivating images and catchy titles.

Well-designed Website

If you give your visitors visually well-designed site that equally provides them a good browsing experience. Your site is likely to keep visitors coming back time and time again, and over time it will become famous. Well organized and well-designed web pages make it quite easy for Google to rank them higher, and the more traffic they get; the higher the rank Google will place it.

Don’t try ‘Gaming the System

There are some self-proclaimed SEO experts put there fooling people they can game the system; be warned the house always wins. Sooner or later Google will figure out that you are trying to game them. They will react by changing their search algorithm, by putting in place new formulas, and this would devastate your site’s ranking more than had you not tried gaming the system in the first place.

Website Submissions don’t help

As a rule of thumb, always ignore spam and websites claiming they can submit your site to hundreds of search engines. The search engine will index your site and give it higher ranking if you concentrate your time and effort towards better SEO practices.

Create Human-Friendly Website

First and foremost, you should create a website humans would want to visit. The site should be appealing and readily understandable by the average visitor to the site. This is in terms of the understandability of the content, where you should refrain from using hard to understand words and jargons. Secondly, the site should have content written in a manner that humans would want to read.

For professional help in designing and developing your website, making your site mobile friendly, setting up and managing your social media presence, SEO strategy and more tricks on how to increase the search engine ranking of your site. Contact our representative at Evolution DMA, and drive your website higher in search engine result page.

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