Five Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Generating Leads From An Ebook

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Generating Leads From An Ebook

We have all been told ebooks are one of the best tools for content marketing. Being the good marketer that you are, you put in the hours, slaved to write up an ebook, came up with a beautiful design and uploaded it to your site.

Then what happens? Day one,…cricket sounds, day two, day three,… cricket sounds, week one, week two… cricket sounds. There is absolutely no one downloading your ebook that you believe has been polished, refined, and well spruced up.

Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. At Evolution DMA, we have had our fair share of ebook fails and learned from our mistakes. However, you don’t need to go through all of that. The following are some rookie mistakes you are doing that are probably preventing your ebooks from taking off:

(1) Not identifying your target audience

Content marketing is very much similar to playing dart; you must target the dart board otherwise your throws will be meaningless. Defining your target audience is your first step to results, much like merely having the dart board. Knowing how to engage your audience in an optimum way, is now hitting the bull’s eye.

Solution: Create a Marketing persona

A marketing persona also referred to as buyer persona is a fictional and generalized overview of who is your ideal customer. You can create a marketing persona by internalizing the ideal customer for your content, what they would need, and how they would relate to it. The following guidelines should help you come up with your buyer persona:

  • Demographics
  • Keywords
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Goals and challenges
  • Objections

When you have all the above information, it would be simpler to come up with ebook content that engage the customers that fit the above description. If you need to target a different set of marketing persona, then you need to redefine your target once again.

(2) Your content wasn’t all that useful

To come up with topics and content for your ebook that intrigues your customers, you should always have this question in the back of your mind. Why should a customer give you his or her email address ahead of all the other marketers? There are many marketers out there, and everyone is competing for that email address. So take caution not to give your audience information they could simply Google down, give them something extra.

Solution: Give answers they can’t find elsewhere

The main reason for a customer to come after your product is if that product presents a solution to the problem they face. If you are going to create an ebook, make sure the topic and content will educate your audience, solve their problems, provide valuable insight, and give them the needed resources. Such ebooks must:

  • Target a specific audience and in your niche of expertise
  • Topics must be useful and educational to audience
  • Must include the keywords that resonate with your audience
  • The benefits of the ebook are clearly communicated

Get this part right, and your customers will always be thirsty for your next publication.

(3) The ebook cover is not eye-catching

Sure, there’s a saying that goes: you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, what are the odds of your audience picking your ebook in the midst of all the ebooks from other marketers? Chances are pretty slim especially if the cover looks like something you drew using MS Paint. If you want people to notice and download your book first and fast, you have to put aesthetic effects on the cover to entice your prospects. Please take caution not to come off like a rainbow, the point is to make it professional looking and reflect well on your brand.

Solution: Have the ebook cover professionally designed

Like it or not, your prospects will first see your ebook cover. To a large extent, it determines which ebook readership skyrockets and which ebook readership never takes off.

The best cover is one that reflects the theme of the entire ebook content. The following are some tried and tested guidelines to coming up with the appropriate ebook cover:

  • Clear, appealing and noteworthy
  • Must be consistent with your brand
  • Must convey the theme of the ebook’s content
  • Highlight to the readers its value

The only problem is you may be such a good ebook content curator, but ebook cover designing needs professional skills as well. You can hire a designer or download a template online.

(4) Failure to promote your ebook 

Promoting your ebook is a must, it doesn’t matter how much you think your contents are excellent. The last thing you want is your competitors drowning your ebook with their overstated marketing, sometimes even for bogus content. The fact is, you are up against many other marketers, and it is virtually impossible for your audience to simply stumble upon your ebook.

It is going to take you just as much amount of effort to promote your ebook, as it did to create it.

The four popular channels for promoting an ebook are social media, email marketing, blog posts and paid amplification. However, soon enough you will have posted it enough on social media, emailed your entire mailing list, talked all about it in blogs and maxed out your paid promotion budget. Does this mean the end of your promotion?

Solution: Make outreach that promote your ebook

The next step of ebook promotion after you exhausted the above is perhaps the most effective step in getting more downloads. Making an outreach entails finding various channels and influencers in your niche that can give your ebook a boost. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Blogging as a guest bloggers in a high-traffic blog post
  • Request influencers in the same niche to share your ebook
  • Send out press releases
  • Use ebook marketing platforms

As far as seeking out influencers and asking them to share your ebook with their audience, who are also your target audience. You can use platforms like BuzzSumo to search, analyze and link with influencers.

(5) Not setting up a landing page for your audience

Always remember, the landing page is the reason for creating an ebook in the first place. Thus, you need to get this part right:

  • People must be able to be redirected to your landing page by the ebook
  • The landing page should entice your audience to fill up their details

Solution: Optimize the landing page

You need to optimize your landing page to ensure that your audience finds the experience of downloading your ebook easy and fast. Tips on how to optimize your landing page:

  • The keywords must feature in the ebook’s URL, headline, meta description and in the introduction
  • Include a brief summary of what readers should expect in the ebook
  • Include a picture of the ebook
  • Highlights the ebook’s benefits in bullets
  • Don’t insert links and do away with the navigation bar
  • Only ask for the necessary contact information

After sufficiently optimizing your landing page, your audience will quickly find their way around. If you sufficiently highlight all the ebook’s benefits, your audience will feel compelled to download.

Long story short, always curate your ebook’s content with your audience in mind. Then, ensure you avoid making the mistakes mentioned above and your ebook will be a lead making machine.

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