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We will first establish which SEO strategy works best for your company, with regards to the targeted market for your business. There are three SEO strategies that can be used, depending on your company’s goals and target market.

Local E Commerce SEO

This strategy attaches a geographical location to your business, and proves to be very crucial for brick-and-mortar types of businesses that want to be very pronounced in a given city or region. For instance, a piano repair shop in Manhattan must ensure customers in the Manhattan area can find it first and fast when they are Goggling “piano repair Manhattan”.

Global E Commerce SEO

This approach best suits businesses with a global target market. Businesses such as e-commerce businesses selling services or brick and mortar businesses with branches all over the world.This works best for companies selling products and services needed across the world.

E-Commerce Product SEO

If you are selling products from your website, you need to publish your product titles and descriptions well in order for search engine to pick them up. Evolutiondma will advise you to take this approach if: You are a online product selling oriented business. You want to make your brand popular in your targeted market.


E Shop product seo

The internet has thousands of e-commerce websites, some stocking products in their thousands while others in their hundreds. All of these websites are competing against each other for website visitors, and more often than not, those with an effective online advertising strategies, carry the day. Such e-commerce sites run professional online marketing programs based on the e-commerce platform knowledge and experiences. A top-tier e-commerce website knows better to delegate this task to the right SEO agency worth its salt.



Evolutiondma.com is one such agency equipped with knowledge and experience that will raise the bar for your e-commerce website and leave your competitors in the dust. We have worked with both big and small e-commerce sites and helped their site receive a high traffic flow of visitors and given them tools to convert this traffic into actual sales. Our online advertising strategies are fully data-driven based on Google Products such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords. These data guide us to zero in on areas of your website that needs improving. We also offer other services such as; mobile campaign testing, conversion optimization geared towards driving traffic to your site, identify untapped potentials for increasing revenues that you currently are unaware of.

E Commerce seo


Evolutiondma.com keeps getting repeat orders from our previous clients, only because we use a multi-channel approach to marketing solutions, with excellent execution that allows us to achieve high results. We have a team of professional digital campaign managers that live, breath and walk digital marketing. They are always looking for new ways to raise their game in digital campaigns. According to reviews, by our previous clients, our digital campaign managers offer customized approach coupled with persistent innovation to meet different needs of online advertising. Even if it would mean reducing the quality score on a campaign level in order to get a lower CPC or even aggressively advertising a product with high profits margin.

Another qualification that sets Evolutiondma.com apart from other SEO agencies out there is that all our campaign managers have Google AdWords and Google Analytics certifications. In addition to this, they also have several years of working experience while managing campaigns for top-tier companies. Yes, we also have entry level project managers working for us, but we never assign them any crucial responsibilities in any of our clients’ projects. Our company must first ensure that the entry level project managers have built a good rapport with online campaigning and gained some working experience before we put them on the front line in handling client’s projects.

Evolutiondma.com will also give you real-time market analysis containing real value information for your company’s online campaign strategy. Any SEO agency is only as good as what it can deliver. At Evolutiondma.com, we are confident we can give you the best results as far as search engine optimization and running digital campaigns is concerned. We are also confident on the competency of our project managers. We give you the assurance that we do not assign key duties to entry level project managers who train while on your company’s time and dime. We challenge you to do research in the market for SEO agencies, and we are confident that you will come to the conclusion that Evolutiondma.com is the top-tier SEO company you want to be handling your digital campaigns.

So make haste to leave your competition in the dust by letting us work on your website and start getting the result sooner. We are no scam, sham or farce, but the real deal; prove this for yourself, by calling our representative and asking them any questions pertaining to SEO and online campaigning.


Increase in Organic traffic


Bounce Rate Down


Average Visit Duration Increase


Pages per Session Up

Product Optimization

Important SEO element is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best future strategy for all your link building activities and you’ll increase your search engine traffic and get profitability.

Progress reports

We provide a detailed results of your website SEO performance evaluation, as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords and a full break down of search engine activity.

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