Common Mistakes Can Ruin Online Reputation of Your Company

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No man is perfect,” as old as this adage is; it still remain nevertheless right. Even when it comes to running an online reputation management, no business or person is 100% perfect. Be that as it may, there is another saying that goes, “An intelligent man learns from other’s mistakes, a fool must learn from his own mistakes.”In this post, we are going to share with you some of the common mistakes being made with regards to online reputation management.

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You are better off, learning some of the common online reputation management mistakes being made and try your best to minimize making them or avoiding them in whole. So before you engage in your next online reputation management project, make sure you observe the following ‘Do’s and Don’ts’.

Replying to Negative Commentaries with Angry Responses:

The feeling people have towards criticism comes like a knee-jerk reaction, where you feel you can’t control yourself. Working with the mentality, “respond to fire by fire” will only build uncontrollable inferno. If. No, when, (you must encounter some) a user badmouths your company on a particular review site, you are better off, not responding at all if you can’t react in a constructive way.

Not jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon:

The rhetoric of the benefits of social media are now becoming a cliche, but I’ll delve into it one more time. Regardless of the size of your company, not having a presence on social media equates to shooting yourself in the foot. As a business worth its salt, find a social media platform that best targets your market and jump into it with full force. The best part about social media is that it’s free.

Being Passive and letting other people determine your reputation:

As a rule of thumb, never allow yourself to lose your voice as a company or as an individual. Never let other companies, people, and even media’s content determine the type of online reputation you are going to have. Even if you seek out the services on ghostwriters, don’t give them too much power over your online presence that they primarily determine your status. Always be on the lookout for what content (both inside and outside your organization) say about you, and make the necessary corrections swiftly.

Lack of Consistent Monitoring of your Online Reputation:

The best way to approach this, is by having a schedule or a routine plan for when you will be checking your online reputation. If you adhere to it strictly, you are bound to address any negative content about your organization before it gets out of hand.

Lack of Regular Content Publishing leading to your Company’s Content being Stale:

The online platform is an extremely dynamic platform on numerous fronts, even when just looking at your competitors’ online activities. You have to consistently and regularly update your content in order to ensure your online reputation is up-to-date, in the eyes of both of your frequent visitors and the search engines.

Failure to ask for Positive Reviews:

You are more likely to get a positive review if you actively suggest to customers that you would like one. Although, you should try not to appear desperate or forceful. But drive the point home, that you would like some positive reviews on some of the review sites. You should also encourage customers to you’re your good name through word of mouth.

Secure Ownership of all your Online Property:

Once you set up a business name, be steadfast in acquiring ownership of the domain names, Twitter handles and Facebook pages associated with your company’s name. Failure to do so will give room for someone else to snatch them, and this could lead to misrepresentation or confusion in terms of your official online content.

Being too Personal and finding yourself in a pickle Online:

Always remember that your business’s Twitter account and Facebook page are not your personal sounding boards for airing your political, religious or other types of opinions. You have to be very professional and avoid posting polarizing opinions that might elicit ‘hard feelings’ towards your business or brand.

If after reading the above ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and you have discovered, you’ve been wrong ona number of them or all of them. The sooner as you begin following the above instructions, the sooner your online reputation will start improving.

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