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Blogs give us a great platform to create online content that encompasses the use of rich text, pictures, sounds and video. They are also quite easy to set up, and they do not require a lot of technical skills; gone are the days when you had to learn HTML and coding in order to run a website.

However, as easy as blogs are to setup, it takes a great deal of blog maintenance in order for things run smoothly. Evolutiondma has samples some fundamental blog maintenance tips to get you on running your blog smoothly


1) Always review ‘About Us’ Page 

The ‘About Us’ page is the section of your blog that tells visitors who you are, your mission and vision. If there have been any changes in your organization, any other relevant content pertaining to what you do with that blog. Then, you must update that on your ‘About Us’ page. It’s understandable, that sometimes changes will be happening so fast, and you won’t find spare time to update that information. But to be on the safe side, make it a routine thing; say after every three months, to update the ‘About Us’ page.


2) Review Your Forms

If your blog contains any forms, always run a routine test at least once per month to see if they still function as intended. Ensure that you can receive notifications and submissions correctly. This is especially important if your blog contains contact forms. In case you are using third-party plugins or tools to create and manage your blog’s forms, always make sure you update and upgrade them when they are due.


3) Monitor Your Feeds

In many instances, people prefer subscribing to an RSS feeds that willupdatethem either through email notification or using a preferred feed reader. That way, whenever the blog publishes new content, they get notified. A lot of people running blogs don’t subsribe to their own feeds, thus if something goes wrong with the RSS feeds, they will not be in a position to immediately know about it. You could also use a feed validation tool to validate your feeds. Lastly, with regards to feeds, ensure that you test your subscription form to make sure they are working correctly. The last thing you want is to lose out on new subscribers simply because something is wrong with the sign-up form.


4) Check Your Navigation

Make sure all the internal links within your blog works correctly. Test the navigation menu, footer, sidebar among other navigations tools on your blog.


WordPress Blog Maintenance


5) Fix Broken Links

Link building play a significant role in not only SEO rankings, but also in setting your blog as an authoritative website in your visitors’ minds. Always ensure that whichever links you have in your blog, they must not be broken. You can use tools like Broken Link Checker to find out which links in your website are broken.


6) Ensure Plugins and Themes are uptodate

Upgrading your blog’s plugins and themes will avail to you the latest functionalities and better protect your blog from any security threats.


7) Delete Unused Plugins 

If there is a plugin that you installed and are no longer in use of it. You need to delete it. Leaving unused plugins in your blogs only takes up needed space and makes your vulnerable to security threats.


8) Clean out Trash Comment and Delete Spam

Always be on the lookout for comments section and delete and clean out trash comments and spams. They can pile up so fast so make it part of your regular routine to remove trash comments and clean out spams.


9) Ensure the Sidebars are Clean

Always check to see all elements on your sidebar are timely, relevant and useful. Most blog owners forget to check their sidebars regularly leading to stale sidebars still being viewed. You should review your sidebars at least once per month and make sure they are not cluttered. Sidebars ought to be clean and useful by making ensuring your best content takes the center stage.


10) Perform Regular Blog Backups

If you value the content of your blog very much, then you must regularly perform backups and prepare yourself for any eventualities. That way, in case something goes wrong you can always restore your blog from your latest backups.There is a plethora of tools that you can use to do backups for your blog, depending on the type of blogging application used. For instance, bloggers on WordPress.org have the option of using WordPress backup tools, some of which are free.


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